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Everyone Deserves an Equal Opportunity to Succeed

The Nobook experience


An AI-powered, personalized learning platform for education institutes

For students

Nobook's AI algorythem crafts bespoke learning paths for both in class and remote learning.

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For educators
Nobook utilize generative AI
to improve teaching experience, students assessment and class performance monitoring

For parents

Nobook encourages engagement by providing updates, valuable insights, and transparent progress tracking.

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Student Experience

Not all students are born equal!

Some prefer reading while others are best with interactive learning games. We're leveraging AI to automatically create a personalized learning program and experience, and help students reach their full potential.  

Nobook provides in-class learning tools (including exams and assignments) as well as home learning.


Teacher Experience

The world of education is changing, and new technology can transform and improve the way we teach, assess, and contribute to students' success. 

Nobook brings the technology edge to the classroom while empowering educators to make data-driven decisions, create amazing learning experiences and make sure no student is left unseen 


Parent Experience

With Nobook, parents actively participate in their children's learning journey.

They can keep track of their progress, celebrate achievements, and provide support where needed. All in full collaboration with their educators.



We firmly believe that every student can achieve greatness when equipped with the right tools and opportunities.

Nobook revolutionizes education systems by empowering students and educators to succeed, utilizing a personalized AI-powered algorithm (IP), designed for skill mapping, tailored adaptation, and the delivery of unique learning and teaching experiences.

We are on a mission to let students find their unique way, chase their dreams, and achieve their goals while ensuring that no student is left unseen 


Adaptive and personalized learning


Secured learning system

Rapid and Safe AI adoption


Contact us

Office: Millenium House - Hatidhar 2 (10th floor) RaAnana, Israel

Tel: +972-52-333-0045

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